Our Mission

Excuse Us While We Succeed is a society for female entrepreneurs that supports and

provides resources for new and seasoned women in business, or anyone that has that dream. 

We seek to create an authentically supportive environment for business, community, and personal

growth. We have monthly gatherings, everything from networking events to educational programming, retreats and parties. Check out the Events Page and join us!

Our Story

Starting your own business can be daunting. But with the right support and guidance,

you can achieve the level of success you’ve always wanted.


That’s why we created Excuse Us While We Succeed, a community for female

entrepreneurs and business women that offers the resources, expertise, and

friendship you need to turn those big dreams into a thriving business with real



Founded by Realtor Ashley Sandahl in Western North Carolina, and joined by

hundreds of seasoned entrepreneurs from around the country, the members of our

organization are intimately familiar with the challenges of being your own boss and

saw a need and desire to support other women striking out on their own, building their

brand, establishing their voice and footing in a sometimes formidable marketplace, and

making a lasting professional mark in their respective industries.


This group is for all women who dare to dream big. Join us to inspire each other, lift each

other up, and become the most savvy in the biz.


Networking Events

We host monthly casual and inspiring networking gatherings with fellow female entrepreneurs to share stories and lift each other up, to become a united presence in our community.

Female Lecturer

Educational Programs

Educational programs like 'How to Accelerate You Business in 2023' and 'How to Open a Business in 2023' are in the works. Registration will be open soon!

Lecture Hall Tutor

Mentorship Program

Are you looking for help with your business? Are you considering taking the leap and opening your own business? We have seasoned entrepreneurs in many industries who are willing to mentor you.

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Large Events

Gala | Women's Summer Camp | Retreat

Excuse Us While We Succeed is in the process of planning multiple large scale social events across the country.

Would you like us to come to

your state next? Interested in becoming a corporate sponsor?

Reach out!

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