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Smile Like You Mean It

If anyone has ever told you that physical pain doesn't effect productivity, they are beyond wrong. I have had the most painful and miserable week of my life, and although I just spent the majority of the week sitting around, I didn't get a DANG thing done. Actually that's a lie, I did get one thing done. We had our networking event on Friday morning with a turnout of over 50 people! We had a ribbon cutting ceremony for the organization and everyone did elevator speeches. It was wildly successful and although I fake smiled in agony for the entire thing, it was great! Years and years in the hospitality business pay off during moments like this. By the way, tearing your rotator cuff tendon in your dominant arm; not recommended!

We are looking forward to the next free networking and educational event, Ladies Only Blended Brunch, in Hendersonville at Roxanna Pepper's A Place To Go. it will be a morning of brunch and elevated conversation with a group of fabulous, diverse women where we will join forces to take our community to the next level.

Do you have an idea of where we could hold one of our events? Please reach out!

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