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Welcome To The Tribe

It's January of 2022, we are still in the thick of Covid, I am home most of the time with my 3 year old, and I have never ever felt so alone, miserable, and isolated in my entire life. How the hell did I get here?

Exactly 7 years ago this month, (September, 2015) I was on Cape Cod, MA, packing up a 16 foot box truck and about to embark on my journey to Asheville, NC; the funky, foodie, dog-friendly, mountain town of my dreams. After years and years of being a beach bum, I wanted to give the mountains a try. Who would have thought I would still be here today? Well... life happens, and a husband happened, and a baby happened, and low and behold, now I'm a permanent mountain dweller. But, boy, does my salty ass miss the beach.

I love my kiddo so much, I really do, she is so amazing (I say as she's screaming at me that there is peanut butter in the peanut butter and jelly sandwich she told me to make her), but dang is she difficult! Are all three year olds this psychotic? I was the first of my best friends to have kids. My friends who all live forever and a day away. And being a new mom in a new town 45 minutes south of Asheville in the middle of a pandemic is so not my cup of tea. I needed local friends, and I needed them BAD. I needed women that have thick skin and are optimistic and are doers.

So the day my friend Gina mentioned wanting to start up a women's networking group, I took that little seed she planted in my brain and nurtured the crap out of it until our very first event in May 2022 which took place at eARThly Minds Gallery in Saluda, NC.

Myself and roughly 20 other women showed up to the event that day unsure of what to expect, and every single one of us left empowered, inspired, and full to the brim with hope.

Sometime between our second and third events my copywriter friend planted another seed in my brain...that Excuse Us could be a nonprofit. One dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs not only open their own businesses, but THRIVE. Our most recent event at Laughing Elephant Yoga in Hendersonville was a great success. We raised money for a local mom-business owner in need, and empowered a group of almost 50 women! I have finally found my tribe. And discovered why I was put here on this earth. My vocation is finally my vacation. Excuse Us While We Succeed lights me on fire, I can feel it in my bones; it is my life's work.

Well ladies, you have found it too. WELCOME TO THE TRIBE! I encourage every single one of you reading this to reach out, subscribe to the newsletter, and join us at an event. Are we too far away? Let's chat about starting up an Excuse Us While We Succeed Chapter in your town!

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